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Regulatory Links

You no longer need to have a huge library and spend a lot of money updating your regulations.  Check out the latest laws and regulations at these sites:

California Dept of Boating :  All the information you need to stay legal in California.

Canadian Registered Vessels :  Information on Canadian Registered Vessels.

Canadian Regulations :  Transport Canada Acts and Regulations.

Canadian Pleasure Craft License:  Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License Regs. 

C.F.R.s :  You can search the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations here.

CG 840 books :  These are the Coast Guard check lists for conducting commercial vessel inspections. 

Coast Guard Aux Safety Inspection:  This is a link to the CG Auxiliary Safety Inspection Manual. 

Documented Vessel Owners :  Information on Coast Guard documented vessels by document #.

Documented Vessel Owners :  Information on Coast Guard documented vessels by vessel name.

Federal Communications Commission :  Radio requirements.

FCC radio operator :  Radio operator requirements.

Federal Registers :  You can search Proposed and Final Federal rule makings here.

IMO :  The International Maritime Organization; SOLAS, MARPOL, Loadline Conventions.

MARAD SMALL VESSEL WAIVER :  Waiver application for foreign vessel build.

MCA :  United Kingdom Maritime and Coast Guard Agency.

MSMs :  Coast Guard Marine Safety Manuals contain Coast Guard inspection policy guidance on a wealth of topics.

Navigation Rules :  The Navigation Rules are available on line for review or purchase. 

NASBLA :  National Association of State Boating Law Administrators 

Navigation Charts :  The NOAA on line chart viewer. 

NVICS :  Coast Guard Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars: Industry guidance on a wealth of topics.

ORC :  Offshore Racing Council site which contains their regulations for offshore racing yachts.

Port State Information Exchange :  Information on Coast Guard inspection of commercial vessels and status of U.S. Documented vessels..

U.S. Code Search :  You can search the Laws of the U.S. here.

U.S. Coast Guard Home Page :  From here you may access a lot of  safety information.

U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Hotline :  Info on boater education and manufacturer's recalls etc.

U.S. Coast Guard Documentation Center :  National Vessel Documentation Office.  Get the forms you need to renew your vessel document.