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Regulatory Liaison

During my career in the Marine Safety field with the U.S. Coast Guard I worked with many people who were getting into the business of commercial passenger vessel operations.  They came into my office all to often with great ideas having already purchased a vessel only to find out that their investment was unusable.  Don't let this happen to you!  I can guide you through the complexities of the Coast Guard inspection process.  Contact me before you spend the first dollar.


Let me ensure the boat you intend to purchase can meet the Coast Guard regulations.

I can show you what will need to be modified on an existing vessel to meet the regulations for the operations you intend to pursue.

I can get you through the plan review process and initial inspection process with a minimum of complications for a new vessel you plan on building.

I can ensure that a vessel you are having built will pass inspection by conducting quality assurance inspections while the vessel is under construction.

I can assist you in preparing for annual inspections or develop a streamlined inspection program to ensure you are always ready for a Coast Guard inspection.